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The Public Web site for the Kilarc-Cow Creek Project (FERC #606)

 Kilarc-Cow Creek Decommissioning

Welcome to Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (PG&E) Kilarc-Cow Creek Hydroelectric Project Website. This is an information resource for the parties interested in the decommissioning PG&E’s Kilarc-Cow Creek Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 606).


The project is located in Shasta County, California along Old Cow Creek and South Cow Creek. The project consists of Kilarc Powerhouse and Cow Creek Powerhouse along with related canals, penstocks, forebays and other structures.


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 Contact Us

Questions about the LSA or decommissioning of the Project should be directed to:
Ms. Lisa Whitman of PG&E
P.O. Box 770000, Mail Code N11D
San Francisco, California 94177-0001


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 Useful Links

  1969 Water Rights Adjudication (18MB)
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  State Water Board’s Water Quality Certification Program
  FERC eLibrary
  Project Map

 Point of Contact

Lisa Whitman
PG&E Company
Mail Code N11D
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 94177-0001
(415) 973-7465

Kilarc Cow Powerhouse